2Yr and a 35weeks

October 18, 2013

Again, few months have past and many things have happened.

Kellia’s coming 2yrs old soon!!! Wow!! And Alivia is arriving soon as well, expected in 4weeks’ time. There are many things to worry and make arrangements but I guess I have to handle one thing at a time. God, bless us with the anointing and strength. 

Kellia’s has been such a joy,  still as active.  She has learnt more things, more words, though she has not started to speak yet. She knows simple words like sun, bus, ball etc, and with actions. She loves music too, often dances to her songs.  I can’t wait to hear her speak and converse with us.

She fell real sick few weeks ago, had diarrhoea for 10days. It was a scare, she didn’t had appetite for food or milk. She slimmed down alot but thank God, all’s well now. Her sleeping habits fluctuate,  sometimes It’s a breeze, more often I feel like pulling my hair.

Just this evening, she has bitten her countless number of pacificers. Unfortunately we didn’t had spare ones at home. I was like trying to calm someone who went on cold turkey,  hold her tight on my arms, gently rock and  pat her..  after 30mins, she managed to doze off. I think she must haven been very tired to sleep without her pacifier. Hope this is the beginning to the weaning stage.  Fingers crossed! 

Coming to Alivia,  she’s well and healthy, and very active. I had stronger movements than the first pregnancy.  She’s kicking as I am typing now: ) This second pregnancy has been more tiring, with the fact that I can’t rest as I liked in the past.  I had to play with kellia,  take care of her.. and she’s been a shadow at most times. I can’t leave her side,  not even to shower. She’s sticky as honey! So at this 35th week, I’m so tired and full of discomfort. I can’t wait for Alivia to be out!

I love my family, I know I have two wonderful girls. I pray they will grow up to be close and be of great support to each other. Just like my sister, I thank God for her in my life.



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