Handling 2 kids

May 17, 2014

It has some time and Alivia is almost 6months! Time’s not my side especially with 2girls. Kellia is 2.5 yo now… picked up more words, but not fluent. I’m not confessing but stating a fact that,  she may be in the terrible two stage! She’s out of hands at times, whiny, crying, defiant etc.. even my mil can’t Take it at times.

Not sure since when,  Kellia been wanting my mil to out her to bed now, not me anymore.  Today I tried to put her to bed, she asked me to “go away” and pushed me with her legs . So devastating!  To think I gave her my time,  my energy…  to sacrifice my own life to this little girl, who would prefer her grandma over me, to call me to go away…. what a “great” mother’s day gift! hadn’t I done enough , hadnt I given enough love? I’m just a steward of God’s gift to me,  what can I do but just being a MOTHER.

Alivia on the other hand, seemed easier to take care. She’s more cheerful, quieter,  probably compared to her sister’s terrible two stage. She’s not taking the pacifier but a thumb sucker. Another problem to tackle…  by the way, Kellia is still on pacifier..  HEADACHE!  This coming weeks would probably be my last journey of breaatfeeding… good 6months   I done my best. It’s not easy…  tiring to pump every night,  having interrupted sleep.

Kellia seemed alright with the arrival of Alivia,  but in retrospect,  Kellia seemed to b hard to handle since her sister came. Coincident with her terrible  two, or she might be vying for attention.

Life goes on.. unappreciated by the kids till they are older. I pray they will grow up be sensible and close to us. I do my best as a mum.



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