Quiet Kellia

July 30, 2013

Kellia’s coming 20months, time flies fast! She’s a lovely child, has good memory and learning things fast. She’s an expert playing her songs n games in iPad, climbing up chairs n tables to find her bread. I love Kellia so much.

Kellia has been an active and happy kid, but not for the past 2 days. She caught a virus- was vomiting and having fever & diarrhoea.  She didn’t want to drink her milk, no energy to play or move. She was just laying on the sofa or bed. She has never been so sick. Poor girl…  thank God for His healing.  She got better on the  second evening, and started to be her usual self: ).  Praise God.  I’m going back to work tomorrow after 2 days of leave. Pray for total recovery! 

Baby #2 is 24weeks now, growing well. She’s also quite active in her movements! We havent decided on a name, but I guess daddy is quite set on ‘Alivia ‘ – which means peace. It will be soon before we meet & our lives will never be the same with 2 kids!  More exciting definitely!  Praying Kellia will take the transition well of having an addition to  the family. 🙂

4 more months to go…:)


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