tuesday morning: cramps
couldn’t stand up for a second
managed an appointment with the gyne
it went well. pain was gone.
bb was fine, 5mm

tuesday afternoon: bleeding
a sudden short flow of fresh red blood
devastated, worried, paranoid
this just erased what we’ve seen this morning

wednesday morning: second opinion
hub thought we should and we went for one- expensive one
it was a male gyne and i wasn’t comfortable at first. he did a thorough scan- one that is live n with a healthy heartbeat rate, one that was not viable
we could have twins! but i’m glad bb is alright.

my chance of miscarriage is higher with these symptoms and previous incident
i’m to be bed-rest for at least a week
anything for bb!

bb is a strong fella! your daddy, grandparents and auntie are rooting for you!



mark in your calendar

April 8, 2011


counting down to this day! can’t wait to see bb no matter how tiny it is. it should in its 7th week. i just want to know bb is fine:) i’m feeling a little weird in my tummy now..

i’m going back to dr adeline wong at TMC. i visited her in my first pregnancy. she’s friendly n calm which I find it comfortable to be with her and be left in her hands.

dr wong, here we come!