Day out with kellia

July 6, 2014

Just both of us, we headed for a 21st birthday surprise party.  From pasir ris to yew Tee, we took bus and train. We had an adventure,  with some moments kellia was being a little fidgety.  All in all, we survived the trip without a stroller!  Of course,  my arms were breaking.

After the party, we headed to meet the grandparents for a short catch up. Then head bk home…  it was tiring but manageable..  and it was fun!

Kellia is now almost 2yrs 8months, learning to communicate,  quite talkative… smart to converse with us.  I love the way she’s growing… more development to come!


Kellia had high fever, and it turned out to be HFMD.  She complained that her mouth was painful and we thought was a growing molar. For 2full days, she kept crying of pain whenever she take fluids.  As such, she had little fluid intake which was a concern. We has to force liquid with a syringe. She was not active and almost stoning at all times.  Thank God, she was well on the third day and was back to active self on the fourth day.

I was the one to take care of her, mil and Daddy was tasked to take care of Alivia.  This period was a blessing in disguise as I got to bond with Kellia. I get to comfort her, play with her… and all these were precious. Prior to this period, Kellia prefers my mil at bedtime which saddens me  . Though tiring to coax her crying periods, I love the time together. 

I missed Alivia too. Not able to carry her, when she cries for milk or sleep.  I miss her smell.  I miss kissing her chubby cheeks.

With this, I have almost totally wean of breastfeeding.  It was too tiring to keep up. I will miss it.. giving Alivia liquid gold.

Well, that’s all for today.

It’s bedtime.. 

Dedicated to the Lord

May 17, 2014

Alivia was dedicated to the Lord in service today,  prayed by Pst Kong,  Sun and PST Aries,  so awesome!  She’s anointed by the best of the best. We remembered Kellia was prayed by Dr Kim Sung Hae and Sun.

I pray both girls will walk with the Lord as they grow, rooted in His words and in the kingdom of God. Both girls will be wise, anointed and for greater things than I did. Also that both girls love each other, support and encourage each other in life, like I had a great relationship with my sister..

Thank you God for giving these two girls to me, not forgetting baby Alex in Heaven who is with the Lord.  We’ll meet one day and rejoice as a family.: )


Handling 2 kids

May 17, 2014

It has some time and Alivia is almost 6months! Time’s not my side especially with 2girls. Kellia is 2.5 yo now… picked up more words, but not fluent. I’m not confessing but stating a fact that,  she may be in the terrible two stage! She’s out of hands at times, whiny, crying, defiant etc.. even my mil can’t Take it at times.

Not sure since when,  Kellia been wanting my mil to out her to bed now, not me anymore.  Today I tried to put her to bed, she asked me to “go away” and pushed me with her legs . So devastating!  To think I gave her my time,  my energy…  to sacrifice my own life to this little girl, who would prefer her grandma over me, to call me to go away…. what a “great” mother’s day gift! hadn’t I done enough , hadnt I given enough love? I’m just a steward of God’s gift to me,  what can I do but just being a MOTHER.

Alivia on the other hand, seemed easier to take care. She’s more cheerful, quieter,  probably compared to her sister’s terrible two stage. She’s not taking the pacifier but a thumb sucker. Another problem to tackle…  by the way, Kellia is still on pacifier..  HEADACHE!  This coming weeks would probably be my last journey of breaatfeeding… good 6months   I done my best. It’s not easy…  tiring to pump every night,  having interrupted sleep.

Kellia seemed alright with the arrival of Alivia,  but in retrospect,  Kellia seemed to b hard to handle since her sister came. Coincident with her terrible  two, or she might be vying for attention.

Life goes on.. unappreciated by the kids till they are older. I pray they will grow up be sensible and close to us. I do my best as a mum.


2Yr and a 35weeks

October 18, 2013

Again, few months have past and many things have happened.

Kellia’s coming 2yrs old soon!!! Wow!! And Alivia is arriving soon as well, expected in 4weeks’ time. There are many things to worry and make arrangements but I guess I have to handle one thing at a time. God, bless us with the anointing and strength. 

Kellia’s has been such a joy,  still as active.  She has learnt more things, more words, though she has not started to speak yet. She knows simple words like sun, bus, ball etc, and with actions. She loves music too, often dances to her songs.  I can’t wait to hear her speak and converse with us.

She fell real sick few weeks ago, had diarrhoea for 10days. It was a scare, she didn’t had appetite for food or milk. She slimmed down alot but thank God, all’s well now. Her sleeping habits fluctuate,  sometimes It’s a breeze, more often I feel like pulling my hair.

Just this evening, she has bitten her countless number of pacificers. Unfortunately we didn’t had spare ones at home. I was like trying to calm someone who went on cold turkey,  hold her tight on my arms, gently rock and  pat her..  after 30mins, she managed to doze off. I think she must haven been very tired to sleep without her pacifier. Hope this is the beginning to the weaning stage.  Fingers crossed! 

Coming to Alivia,  she’s well and healthy, and very active. I had stronger movements than the first pregnancy.  She’s kicking as I am typing now: ) This second pregnancy has been more tiring, with the fact that I can’t rest as I liked in the past.  I had to play with kellia,  take care of her.. and she’s been a shadow at most times. I can’t leave her side,  not even to shower. She’s sticky as honey! So at this 35th week, I’m so tired and full of discomfort. I can’t wait for Alivia to be out!

I love my family, I know I have two wonderful girls. I pray they will grow up to be close and be of great support to each other. Just like my sister, I thank God for her in my life.


Quiet Kellia

July 30, 2013

Kellia’s coming 20months, time flies fast! She’s a lovely child, has good memory and learning things fast. She’s an expert playing her songs n games in iPad, climbing up chairs n tables to find her bread. I love Kellia so much.

Kellia has been an active and happy kid, but not for the past 2 days. She caught a virus- was vomiting and having fever & diarrhoea.  She didn’t want to drink her milk, no energy to play or move. She was just laying on the sofa or bed. She has never been so sick. Poor girl…  thank God for His healing.  She got better on the  second evening, and started to be her usual self: ).  Praise God.  I’m going back to work tomorrow after 2 days of leave. Pray for total recovery! 

Baby #2 is 24weeks now, growing well. She’s also quite active in her movements! We havent decided on a name, but I guess daddy is quite set on ‘Alivia ‘ – which means peace. It will be soon before we meet & our lives will never be the same with 2 kids!  More exciting definitely!  Praying Kellia will take the transition well of having an addition to  the family. 🙂

4 more months to go…:)

Sorry Kellia,  if you are reading this and wonder what happened to you since the last post! Many things had happened but you are just growing up too fast and active,  I hadn’t got time to post:)

To summarize, you are an expert in walking,  sometimes tiptoeing and briskly running. You are one active girl.

You learned to recognise bird, ball, cat, dog and also pointed at these and called them. 

You said “hi” and “bye” in such a sweet voice. You waved to us as we go to work.

Your teeth were growing at a slow rate haha. You are coming 17months, and only has 4 at the top and 2 at the bottom.

You knew how to feed the turtle with
kangkong by throwing into its tank.

You just came back from a family trip to Korea! With mah-mah, gong gong, po po, aunt Nixi, uncle qin, daddy, grand aunt Jessica and me. Daddy n aunt Nixi took care of you through the trip and were very exhausted!

Kellia , also to share with you… you are coming to be a elder sister!! I’m having a baby now, 9 weeks old. Whether a boy or girl, I prayed you both will be very close, be of support to each other for life. I hadn’t been feeling well in this first trimester and I couldn’t carry you often or for long. I’ll miss you in the carrier where you would lay on me to sleep.

Kellia, we love you!