January 7, 2013

At her age,most kids would have been regular at babyspa or swimming pools. But Kellia had her first water experience at 13th month. Well, never too late!

We got her a wetsuit top and a swim diaper, head to tampines 1 rooftop water playground. It was a fun time for Kellia and even us! 

She looked like a surfer gal:)



Recently Kellia has also got a new expression.


That’s cute! Wonder where she learnt from and what does she mean doing that. She’s just so cheeky!

Had a great weekend with my dear ones! And this is only the first weekend of 2013!


Walking n bumps

January 1, 2013

First on a celebratory note – kellia could walk on her own! For a short distance now,but that’s a good start. We were worried about her process but we learnt that she just lazy at times to even stand. But she’s more willing to do so with shoes,and that helps!

So proud of her! We seen many milestones achieved in the last 13th months, thank God! Just realise she’s growing up fast! My little baby…

The next milestones would be talking, self feed,running..so exciting! 🙂

Then that comes along bumpssss. She’s so active, she fell off beds, slipped on floors, fell from pram …bumps are so common. I prayed that none are serious. she would wail loudly and soon after be OK quite soon.

It’s 2013, a year of greater things! God, open up the heaven of blessing over our lives!


December 26, 2012

What’s new? Time flies fast n I have simply no time to blog. Kellia’s been growing up fast. 13Th coming and she has started to learn to walk and stand! It’s amazing!  There’s no greater joy than to see her achieving milestones! 🙂 God is good all the time.

We just celebrated Christmas and had great time with family and friends. after 2 years of unhappy ending to the year,2012 has beam good. God kept His promises, He is faithful always!

Kellia is active as always and got a few bumps lately.  Praying for her safety and healthy development: )



Kellia turns ONE!

December 3, 2012

Here we go. It’s has been ages since the last post. Full-time working mum, what could you expect from me? Time flies so fast, Kellia had turned 1 year old a few days ago. We had simple celebrations with our families, was a tiring affair. We look forward to just celebrate with immediate families in future, a simple and fun one is more memorable.

Before Kellia turned one, we went on a holiday trip to Taiwan. My fears of her not adjusting to the flight conditions were in vain. Kellia was alright during takeoff and landing! Amazing:) The journey in Taiwan was fine too though not as easy with Kellia, but we enjoyed ourselves. I look forward to our next trip!

Kellia hadn’t learnt to walk or stand without support. She’s lazy to stand at home but gladly stand and even take steps when she’s in her shoes in the public. Love my little girl:)

However at times, she made me feel like a lousy mum, especially at bedtime. She STILL flip around, play and not wanting to sleep. I could go up to an hour trying to put her to bed, and with much struggles and tears. I just can’t stand it at times. Tiring:(

Still, I thank God for a beautiful and healthy child. I pray for more wonderful times with her and that I be a better parent. Much to learn in this aspect.

Record time – bedtime

October 22, 2012

For the past 1.5 hr, I am thinking how I should write this post and what my title should be. As I tried to pat Kellia to sleep in all sorts of positions, my frustration level has reached its limit and so was my patience level.

Kellia just wouldnt go to sleep though she’s very tired. Her eyes open and close many times, wake up and wanting to crawl around. My back and my arms ache.. I’m just so tired. This is what I do every night. And this time it’s record-breaking… 90mins!

So as I think through this post, I just wanna say…

Dear Kellia, you are truly one special child. God created you in a special way that you have your personality and character.. That sometimes it amuses me, sometimes it tests my patience. I still love you and wonder if you would ever remember all this but nonetheless I do my best.

I fail in all my principles of raising you so far- giving you pacifier, allowing you to be put in a walker, allowing you to watch tv/cartoons, allowing you to snack more often than should, giving you formula milk.. Which I didn’t want to implement these when you were not even born. Sometimes I am saddened by these facts, and prayed that you will still grow up with a good behavior and character, smart & sensible. Of course, none of these actions make you less than ordinary or smart. I just want the best for you. I wish I can be a stay home mum and raise you as I want to, not just following other people’s advice or instruction.

Oh well, to celebrate at the end of these all, Kellia’s first tooth (lower) is peeking out!!! Finally! And Kellia is learning to stand without support! Coming 11mths old, whoo… Mummy loves you!!

I had quite an “adventure” last night. I had a fever just when I reached office but I didn’t leave work early. When I reached home in the evening, I was feeling horrible as time passed. I thought popping a Panadol and sleep would help. In fact it got worse and I had numbness in my hands and legs. It was nothing I had experienced. To cut the long story short, I went to the hospital A&E (my first time). I was there for 4hours till 3am! The doctor administered all sorts of tests, blood test, chest x-ray etc. I was more tired than sick when we finally back home at 4am.

When morning comes, we realize Kellia was sick, with fever and running nose. Luckily the fever subsided fast. Her running nose, coupled with her excessive drooling was pouring down her chin even faster. Ha!

Must be a case of viral attacks these days. Bad weather in fact fluctuating. Hope we both get well soon!



10mths old!

October 2, 2012

Kellia is very attached to Grandpa. She would fuss and cry when he leaves for work, would crawl to him and wants to be carried. She wouldn’t do that for me, daddy or even Mah-Mah. Kellia is so blessed by her 3 sets of grandparents, hope she’s not spoilt when grow up.

Kellia has been a little fussy when comes to sleep. Long are the days when she could still lay on the bed and rock herself to sleep. Now, she must be carried and pat… And it’s not an easy feat. I could do that up to an hour before she could doze off to sleep. What a challenge Kellia you gave to me every night!

Kellia crawling very fast now but still hasn’t mastered standing or walking. No sight of her first tooth either. It’s not a worry but we are all very excited for these coming milestones!

Love my little girl who just turned 10mths. 2 more months to her first birthday!! Whee….:)