Kellia’s HFMD experience

July 6, 2014

Kellia had high fever, and it turned out to be HFMD.  She complained that her mouth was painful and we thought was a growing molar. For 2full days, she kept crying of pain whenever she take fluids.  As such, she had little fluid intake which was a concern. We has to force liquid with a syringe. She was not active and almost stoning at all times.  Thank God, she was well on the third day and was back to active self on the fourth day.

I was the one to take care of her, mil and Daddy was tasked to take care of Alivia.  This period was a blessing in disguise as I got to bond with Kellia. I get to comfort her, play with her… and all these were precious. Prior to this period, Kellia prefers my mil at bedtime which saddens me  . Though tiring to coax her crying periods, I love the time together. 

I missed Alivia too. Not able to carry her, when she cries for milk or sleep.  I miss her smell.  I miss kissing her chubby cheeks.

With this, I have almost totally wean of breastfeeding.  It was too tiring to keep up. I will miss it.. giving Alivia liquid gold.

Well, that’s all for today.

It’s bedtime.. 


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