Kellia at 17months and a sibling on the way!

April 24, 2013

Sorry Kellia,  if you are reading this and wonder what happened to you since the last post! Many things had happened but you are just growing up too fast and active,  I hadn’t got time to post:)

To summarize, you are an expert in walking,  sometimes tiptoeing and briskly running. You are one active girl.

You learned to recognise bird, ball, cat, dog and also pointed at these and called them. 

You said “hi” and “bye” in such a sweet voice. You waved to us as we go to work.

Your teeth were growing at a slow rate haha. You are coming 17months, and only has 4 at the top and 2 at the bottom.

You knew how to feed the turtle with
kangkong by throwing into its tank.

You just came back from a family trip to Korea! With mah-mah, gong gong, po po, aunt Nixi, uncle qin, daddy, grand aunt Jessica and me. Daddy n aunt Nixi took care of you through the trip and were very exhausted!

Kellia , also to share with you… you are coming to be a elder sister!! I’m having a baby now, 9 weeks old. Whether a boy or girl, I prayed you both will be very close, be of support to each other for life. I hadn’t been feeling well in this first trimester and I couldn’t carry you often or for long. I’ll miss you in the carrier where you would lay on me to sleep.

Kellia, we love you!


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