Record time – bedtime

October 22, 2012

For the past 1.5 hr, I am thinking how I should write this post and what my title should be. As I tried to pat Kellia to sleep in all sorts of positions, my frustration level has reached its limit and so was my patience level.

Kellia just wouldnt go to sleep though she’s very tired. Her eyes open and close many times, wake up and wanting to crawl around. My back and my arms ache.. I’m just so tired. This is what I do every night. And this time it’s record-breaking… 90mins!

So as I think through this post, I just wanna say…

Dear Kellia, you are truly one special child. God created you in a special way that you have your personality and character.. That sometimes it amuses me, sometimes it tests my patience. I still love you and wonder if you would ever remember all this but nonetheless I do my best.

I fail in all my principles of raising you so far- giving you pacifier, allowing you to be put in a walker, allowing you to watch tv/cartoons, allowing you to snack more often than should, giving you formula milk.. Which I didn’t want to implement these when you were not even born. Sometimes I am saddened by these facts, and prayed that you will still grow up with a good behavior and character, smart & sensible. Of course, none of these actions make you less than ordinary or smart. I just want the best for you. I wish I can be a stay home mum and raise you as I want to, not just following other people’s advice or instruction.

Oh well, to celebrate at the end of these all, Kellia’s first tooth (lower) is peeking out!!! Finally! And Kellia is learning to stand without support! Coming 11mths old, whoo… Mummy loves you!!


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