10mths old!

October 2, 2012

Kellia is very attached to Grandpa. She would fuss and cry when he leaves for work, would crawl to him and wants to be carried. She wouldn’t do that for me, daddy or even Mah-Mah. Kellia is so blessed by her 3 sets of grandparents, hope she’s not spoilt when grow up.

Kellia has been a little fussy when comes to sleep. Long are the days when she could still lay on the bed and rock herself to sleep. Now, she must be carried and pat… And it’s not an easy feat. I could do that up to an hour before she could doze off to sleep. What a challenge Kellia you gave to me every night!

Kellia crawling very fast now but still hasn’t mastered standing or walking. No sight of her first tooth either. It’s not a worry but we are all very excited for these coming milestones!

Love my little girl who just turned 10mths. 2 more months to her first birthday!! Whee….:)





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