“Holiday” with Kellia

September 4, 2012

I’m on a block leave as MIL is away for her holiday in China. This means- Time alone with Kellia!!! We had our adventures and more to come in the remaining 4 days!

Yesterday I took Kellia to ICA to collect her passport, followed by a shopping trip to Bugis shopping centre. She was well-behaved sitted in her pram and looking around. I even was able to try some clothes in the fitting rooms!

This morning I took her to the park for a walk. It was actually my intention to do some exercise, and I truly felt some effect when doing brisk walk and slow jog. I brought along her snacks and my muffin but we didn’t get to eat them. Kellia knocked off her snacks to the ground and I have to rush a tired baby back home. It was still fun and I truly enjoyed my time with her.

I have managed quite well traveling around alone with her. Thank God Kellia is such a well-behaved girl 🙂 she can push herself to standing while kneeling or sitting down (while holding on to a support)! Amazing how my girl has grown! Oh yes! She has learnt to hi-5 too!! So cute!!

Tomorrow another adventure having high-tea with grams!

Love you Kellia!





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