Test my patience

August 20, 2012

Kellia tests my patience in 2 major areas: not staying still during diaper change and during bed time.

She loves to roll over and crawl now that she’s in the “intermediate” stage. Once at ION shopping mall, she pee on the diaper changing mat and there was a parent waiting outside. I was so mad, WK and I got into a small tiff. I can’t imagine when she’s in the expert stage!

Now, talking about bed-time, she never doze off easy. She, again, would roll over and crawl across the bed like a million times, before going to sleep. I would spent up to an hour turning her over many times. Just this evening, after spending 4 nights at our own place, she has a major breakdown. She cried non-stop for a hour till we succumb to some milk. It was horrible! We were so tired and nothing could stop her. I still pray that it’s only just one night, and things would go back to normal.

Kellia, you have really test my patience.. I have been a patient person all my life, till I met you. But.. I still love you my little girl:)


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