National Day

August 13, 2012

We had a great National Day holiday as a family.

We went to the zoo!:) It was Kellia’s first time to the zoo. Though she didn’t recognize the animals and respond to them, she would sit quietly in her pram and look around. She was held close to a pony before her, and she was trying to touch its face. It was a hot day and crowded as well. Nonetheless we had great fun ourselves!

The next day, Daddy and I took leave from work specially to go for a family outing. It’s been a long time we hang out alone with no agenda. It’s always been with our extended families and it could be someone’s birthday, visit a relative, church event etc. So it was a chillax moment for 3 of us at the ArtScience musueum, visiting Harry Potter and Andy Warhol exhibition. I love time spent with my 2 darlings!

On another note, Kellia can push herself from crawling to some-what a sitting position. She can crawl to us and lift herself to a kneeling position. She amazes me at the speed she’s developing. Im proud of my little girl.

She would clap and respond when we sing. She would laugh when I read the part the big bad wolf blow the house down. She smiles when we smile to her. I can’t imagine how ate would grow up to be 🙂






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