A great weekend

July 22, 2012

We haven’t been back at our place for the past 2 weeks so being in our own house n bed last weekend was great. Except for having to clean up the place, I love the most is that I have ALONE time with Kellia.

However she didn’t love being at our place- whether it is due to the absence of her usual toys or due to an unfamiliar place- she cries a lot. It may be separation anxiety, I cannot leave her alone in the room. She didn’t accept her bed and was struggling to sleep.

Overall I still enjoy my time with Kellia, with a slight frustration with her fussiness. I wish she can always respond to me first, in the crowd of familiar place.

I love her so much. She’s growing fast and well. I made her carrot and apply purée and she loved it. Things like this made my day.

Once back at MIL place, she laughed and smiled so easily, at her grandparents. Oh Kellia! Well, it’s all about spending time with her. And I guess it’s hardly to be the main caregiver for working mums. Kellia, you must remember mummy’s love and sacrifice for you 🙂




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