6months old!

May 31, 2012

Another 6 months, she’ll be 1 year old! How time flies! I thank God for the past 6 months. It wasn’t too easy, wasn’t too difficult to take care of Kellia. It was a joy watching her grow and learnt new things everyday. God is amazing, how He has created babies to be.

Because of her powerful legs, her kicking habit, the cot became too small for her. She would start with a vertical position and woke up in a horizontal stance. Her head and feet were touching the sides of the cot. So, we decided to put her on the floor mattress, sleeping beside me. It had became easier for me too, not having to wake up literally. She tend to sleep better as well, that gave me more rest.


Kellia has also just started on her semi-solids. I bought her a pack of organic barley cereal and she loved it! She ate a fair bit happily:) that’s my little girl growing up!

6 more months to go… A step at a time for her and I too 🙂


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