Baby Dedication and outpouring of milk

May 20, 2012

Kellia had her baby dedication today in church, prayed by 2 mighty women- Sun & Dr Kim Sung Hae. It’s double anointing for creativity and obedience to God! God, thank you for sending Kellia to us:) she’s a unique girl and we love her!



However we had a tough night when we reached home. Kellia kept crying and we thought she might be hungry. After feeding her an amount, she refused and still continued to cry. Keep the story short, after a while of crying, she let out a loud burp ( ever I heard from her). Next was a sound that meant mess. What followed soon was a outpour of milk onto me while I was carrying her. It’s the worst vomit she ever had. She still kept crying hard and it took a while to soothe her to sleep. We were both tired and hoping to get some rest. It’s already 12.31am now.

Though it was a mess- on me, her and the floor, it was more heartbroken for me to see her in pain. She must be feeling very horrible with gas and stuffed up. I cried after she vomited.

When she dozed off, she was in the clothes soiled with smelly milk. We were in dilemma- whether to change her that would stirred her up. However we has no choice but we need to change her- gently as she sleep.

It was such a night and we had to record this for Kellia to read! We still love you Kellia 🙂


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