A week to 5th month

April 20, 2012

Just in a week, Kellia grew a lot. We used to give her 120ml-150ml of milk and recently it had took a huge increase to 180-200ml. We are using the huge bottle and just by that, I feel like she has grew so much.

Also in the last week, I couldn’t sleep well everyday as Kellia has become more reliant on her pacifier and would cry for it. Though she’s in the same room as us, it’s tiring for me to get up 4-5 times a night. It’s hard waking up to work!

Kellia has not learnt to sleep through the night without feeds though. I have read that some babies sleep 6-8 hours straight at her age but she is still having at least a feed each night. She’s a week to 5 months, I just realize! My oh my!

I love Kellia!



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