We finally understand

April 6, 2012

Since a few weeks back, Kellia has been crying very badly each time we returned to our own place. She would cry at least 15 minutes each time & nothing could calm her down.

Now we realized (and it probably is the reason) that she felt being in an unfamiliar place, and is probably scared. We let her play with her toy, she found something she knows and managed to be settled down.


I called it her Twinkle bear, which plays Twinkle twinkle little star.

After a while, she had a meltdown again. I practiced what I read- about not hushing, jiggling, rocking her. I just held her in my arms, trying hard not to tell her that’s it’s alright. It was difficult to see her wail, louder and harder that she choked on herself a few times. But slowly deciphering that she got tired, I offered her pacifier and she finally get to sleep! In my opinion, as much as I want to teach her self-soothe, pacifier helps her to do so. Without it, she gets more agitated and it could be worse for her. Oh well, baby steps for me in this parenting journey. 🙂


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