First fever

April 4, 2012

We took Kellia for her 4-mth jab, everything went well. She just wailed at the point of the jab and was alright when we reached home too. Because it was too late for me to make it to work, I got the whole day with her. We played and had some fun. It was only till the evening she started to be quiet which was not her usual self. She laid motionless on her playmat, looking at the tv, sucking peacefully at her pacifier. We took her temperature and it was 37.5deg. Soon after she pooed, hence we link the motionless state to being concentrated on her bowel movements. However her head was getting very hot to the touch, this time it was 38.1deg. We decided to give her the medicine, which was her first fever.

Thank God He is our healer:) after 4 hours of sleep, she woke up at 12midnight- energetic and smiley! That’s my feisty little girl:)


That’s her favorite thing to do, latest new action she learnt. She has been healthy for the past 4 months and though it’s a minor fever this time, I know God is with her always! Ever since she was a little foetus!


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