An update on a Sunday night

April 1, 2012

Each week passed by so quickly, i can’t believe Kellia has been with us for 4months. Time creeps up on us and also slipped by quietly. I thank God for a great 4 months- Kellia growing strong, healthy and happy!

Except for a few meltdowns, she cried again just now for 45mins non-stop! I am clueless why, provably she’s tired and she was at a new place with new faces (or so she thought). It’s Sunday night and we are at back at my in-laws place as usual. Probably Kellia couldn’t recognize the place immediately. She would cry horribly on Friday nights when back at our own place as well. Hope it would not get worse as she grows older, being more aware of places and faces.

Nonetheless I love Kellia and my husband! My family is the most wonderful people on earth!

My princess 🙂



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