Venting her anger

March 18, 2012

For the past two nights where I took Kellia back to own place, she had her major meltdowns before sleep. She would cry hysterically for up to half an hour non-stop and nothing could pacify her; not pacifier, rocking, sitting her up. Her face would be wet from her tears and sounded very upset.

The first night, she suddenly stopped crying and fell asleep in my arms. The second night, she calmed down and started to smile, laugh and blabber loudly in her cot- which shortly after she just fell back to sleep on her own quietly. It amused Wenkai and I!

It’s Sunday 645am and she happily blabbering in her cot after her feed. Kellia indeed has her mood and pattern:)

Half an hour passed and she still couldn’t fall back to sleep. We carried her to our bed and she’s sound asleep till now- 1030am.

I love weekends with her, alone in our place and getting all the playtime with her:)



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