She loves to laugh and do sit-ups!

March 8, 2012

My little girl is indeed growing up fast each day. She started to respond more to play-time and laughed heartily n loudly since Sunday. Just yesterday she had began to lift up her head and legs when in her rocker, like she’s doing sit-ups. She enjoy it so much that she doesn’t like to lay flat when being carried. She will strain her head and try to sit upright!

However her drinking and sleeping pattern change again. She fussed when drinking, often breaking her milk into 2-3 portions to drink with breaks in between. And when she’s tired, she couldn’t fall asleep as easy with the pacifier as usual, she keeps rubbing her eyes, nose, ears till her whole face is red! It could go on for a 15 minutes before she doze off on her bed. I hate to see her with spotty face, as if there are lots of mosquito bites. This has delayed my intent to wean her from mittens. Her nails grow at a fast rAte, neither do I want to see her with scratches. What should I do? Hmm!




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