Growing up fast

February 27, 2012

It’s my second week back at work and have been working late everyday. At least I got to rock Kellia to sleep today. I missed the time with her, seeing her smile, making her laugh and smelling her! I knew of a fellow mummy blog and got to know she has made the decision to quit her job for her conviction to be a full time mum. I wish I could too…

I love Kellia and seeing how fast she grows, I don’t want to miss any of her milestones. She’s my little girl:)

Her neck muscles are getting stronger and she can hold her head more stable now. She loves to be carried facing out, looking around with much intrigue. That’s makes going out difficult, she hardly wants to be in the pram!

Oh yes, she has now manages to touch her own hands! How cute!!!!

She’s 3 months in a few days’ time. Time flies!




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