Kellia’s two months old!

February 1, 2012

Kelli’s has grown to respond more to people when smiling or talking to her. I love her smile which is so wide and adorable. She looks so much better when smiling, I was afraid that she wouldn’t smile because she was a serious baby in her first 6 weeks.


Kellia’s two months now, time flies fast. It is more manageable to take care of her though she has her usual fuss. She loves to be carried and many elders always ‘warned’ me of not over doing so that she may be used to it. It gets really annoying at times but I know they meant well. But what to do when Kellia is crying. I just hope that she is ‘sensible’ as she gets older. Well, kids are not meant to be independent creatures at this age right?

We went to see Dr Yip yesterday and was glad that Kellia is healthy and all’s fine. Her neck control is strong tough she has yet to sit upright. She looks so cute at the doc’s!



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