Figuring her out

January 14, 2012

It should be a serious case of colic and constipation. Kellia was crying non-stop in the evening after a shopping trip with her Aunt Nixi. When we decided to bring her to the doctor, she stopped crying after being swaddled and brought out of home. We still made the trip to the neighborhood shopping centre for a long, fell asleep and managed to settle her into bed.

However at 1.30am, she still couldn’t get into sleep after her feed and was fussy again. Wenkai and I had to tried all methods and finally she’s in bed again (hopefully it last for the next three hours). It’s daddy’s first night shift and he was given a difficult task. Kellia usually fall back asleep during her night sleep.

On a side note, we realize Kellia is more well behaved when she’s out of the house. She takes her nap, less fussy for feeding. She’s one interesting girl!

Kellia, we love you despite the lack of sleep.. Haha :p


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