The start of a new year

January 2, 2012

Kellia attended her first church service on the last day of 2011- which is her first trip out. Though she was fussy as we were preparing to get out,we realized she enjoyed getting out of the house. She was quite well-behaved at the nursery and it was pretty manageable with Wenkai’s help:)

On the first day of January, we brought her out again to Vivocity for a few hours. She loves to sleep in people’s arms and she slept through the whole trip. The next day, we brought her to Sentosa, which is a huge step we took. It was not too bad, she managed to get more sleep as compared to what she would if she’s at home. Perhaps that explains why she’s fussy for 2 hours since we reach home, hard to get her to bed. Thank God the CL is helping to coax her.



I always have a problem with her frequent drinking and worry about overfeeding. However I guessed we have not been increasing her intake, with the fact that she’s now a month old. I feel a little down right now- that I didn’t take care of her and also my breast production had seemed to decrease. I used to be able to pump 90-120 ml from both breasts but now it’s about 50-60ml. The worst is my right seemed to be little or no milk. I’m disappointed that I couldn’t fulfill my strong desire to successfully breastfeed her. It is really a confidence game and I have lost a lot of it. Motherhood is really not easy when I tried to be perfect about it. I will stay strong and be a great mother. Seeing her enjoying herself in the outings make me want more lovely time with her.


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