Large appetite

December 20, 2011

It’s 5.24am now and I’m pumping milk, quite a routine for the past week. It had got too engorged if I hadn’t done so. Pumping has been quite tiring because of the long hours on the butt and the strain on the back & shoulders. Hence I have tried using the nipple shield again for direct feeding since 2 days ago. Her suckle is more powerful than the pump! How amazing God has created babies to be!

Kellia has been growing well, drinking quite enormously I feel. She’s been quite alert as well, either not napping in the morning or afternoon. However she’s not quietly laying in the cot when awake. She fussed and cried, which is a new learning area for me. And the other way to keep her quiet is to feed her! 😁 greedy girl isn’t her? I hope I’m feeding her sufficiently, not excessively. It got me to consider pacifier which I wouldn’t want to from the beginning. I
Know it isn’t harmful but i don’t wish for her to be reliant on it and having to help her wean off the pacifier in future.

All in all, I love Kellia who has all the expressions in the world. She just makes me smile!:)


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