The first 5 days

December 5, 2011

This is the 6th day after delivery.

I shall spare the gruesome details here, if Kellia reads this. But alas, I succumbed to epidural as I could not take the pain! Its not as easy as I wished to be. Nonetheless, the delivery was easy after the shot came. It was such a special moment with Kellia in my arms. She didn’t cry a lot and was wide-eyed after the cleaning. I could see her beautiful eyes. Moments before the pushing started, I still couldn’t imagine this life will be born to this earth.

Thank God for a healthy baby, weighing in at 3.09kg, arrived at 2.11pm of 29th November 2011. Kellia is a testimony of God’s love, faithfulness and healing power.

I had a second procedure after birth due to an internal rupture which I found it worst the delivery itself. And I am still recovering from it.

Bringing Kellia home was awesome, having to rest on my own bed, instead with drips in the hospital. However the first night was tough for me and Kai! We barely could sleep, trying to feed our baby with an amazing appetite. It was partly due to the no flow of milk for the first 4 days. It was a depressing moment and I cried a lot feeling lousy, unable to feed her. Though my decision was strong to not use formula, seeing her hungry feel me succumbed to that too.

But God is good, and the milk started to come in. She had not learnt to latch on, but I will persevere. Thank God for friends like Huiming and Carol who encouraged me.

I keep praying for my own healing and wants to be about to be up and about, so to attend to baby and her needs. God is good all the time, all the time God is good! Seeing Kellia growing more adorable each day, makes everything worth it!!! I love my family!



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