False alarm?

November 28, 2011

I woke up at 345am and felt cramps which came on and off for about 15 mins. Woke Kai up and we’re thinking this must be it. Started bathing, preparing to head to the hospital. The pain increased and then subsided again. So we went back to sleep again, since doc advised us to come in only when there is strong pain.

It’s 830am now and I am still feeling mild irregular cramps. I am still wondering if it’s true labor! Kai researched and read that this stage could take up to 12 hours become active pain kicks in. Oh my! We shall see..

Update at 1pm: looks like its a false alarm. There are no contractions now and everything is as normal. Feeling a little disappointed having to wait for her arrival again. Well, we will leave to God’s timing!


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