God is good all the time, all the time God is good!

August 18, 2011

It’s been a long time since my last post. Bb is now in its 23rd week! Hooray!!:) it hasnt been easy but thank God for His faithfulness & goodness.

I had cramps/ contractions in early July. Had the usual hormone jab & medicine, and thank God the contractions are gone in a week.

In Aug, the gyne found my amniotic fluid level low and it may be due to some malfunctioning of bb’s kidneys. He even mentioned that bb may not last till full term! It was so devastating, that gyne has not cleared my pregnancy as stable even when I’m in my 5th month.

Daddy & I would pray day & night for bb, believing that bb will be healed and all’s well. God has shown me alot of His healing power over the months and I believed He is still in control.

I was referred to NUH for a detailed check. Praise the Lord once again that bb kidneys was fine and so are her other organs. It may be a short term condition- I need plenty of rest and water.

Through all these challenges every month, we believed that bb is an overcomer, even as a foetus in the womb.

Dear bb,
You are God’s child and He loves you. He has always been with you. You are created for great and mighty things. You are also a testimony of God- whenever we see you, we see His goodness in our lives. You are a strong lady!

I’m believing for a good report next month, that my amniotic fluid has gone to a normal level.
Daddy and I have been attending Pregnancy 101 class and we have learnt alot. Indeed parenthood is for life and we are committed to be great parents. I’m prepared for the delivery process to see bb soon in 4 mths’ time!

Daddy has been working hard and late these days, but still love bb & taking care of me- putting me to bed, massaging my legs when I have cramps at night. In fact this morning, bb movements was so strong that daddy felt it! So amazing, it’s like bb was sending daddy off for work:)

I love my family!


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