April 25, 2011

i’m so supported and well-taken care by my families.
everyone wants bb to be born healthy! 🙂

To bb: here’s counting down the people who sacrificed..

3. grandparents
‘ah-ma’s have been cooking my meals- my intake of vegetables, nutritious soup. it’s SO much better than take-away food. my mil has let me stayed at her place; and I have my lunch, tea-break & dinner.

2. mummy
me of course! not having good appetites, frequent visits to the loo, hunger pangs, back aches, bed-rest. but hey I’m not complaining! i would have these to know bb is well in it’s comfortable sac:)

first is none other than
1. daddy
busy with work and having his final semester coming up, but have to be a ‘maid’ and house-man- ensuring that i eat my medicine in the middle of nights, buy my meals, clean the house, at my beck-and-call:) all these in the short period of available time to study.

bb, you know you are loved!


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